KELLER & FILS Lac de Constance

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The distiller of the famous Monkey 47 Gin has distilled an Absinthe: Absinthe Traditionelle du Lac de Constance, nickname “Keller et Fils”. It is the first Absinthe distilled in the pictorial Staehlemuehle, where the Absinthe, Gin and Eaux de Vie distillery is located. Christoph Keller, the master distiller, put all his knowledge and passion into the creation of this ultra-premium Absinthe. The recipe of this Absinthe is traditional, no experiments on this side, but the herbs are all grown in the garden of the distillery. This guarantees extra quality, as the cultivation is permanently supervised by the master himself, Mr. Keller. The result is an outstanding Absinthe with a very deep herbal aroma and notes of tobaco. 

KELLER & FILS Lac de Constance 68 % abv
Taux d'alcool : 68%
Producteur : Keller
Pays : Suisse

keller & fils

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